How to create an EngageBot.PRO Custom Subscription Plan

♠️ 100% Custom Pricing

If our plans are not enough for you, or you think that the €11.99 one is not enough, but the €39.99 is too much, well, EngageBot.PRO has again the best option for you!

Directly through the panel, on our EngageBot.PRO/purchase page, you can, at any time, create a 100% custom plan, with the following customisable features:

➕ Custom Base Plan: You will be able to select yourself the base plan. Your custom plan will be created starting from this base plan, higher is the plan, lower are the prices!

🔆 Custom Daily Requests: Decide yourself the number of daily requests you want in your plan

🌟 Custom Autodrop Users: Decide yourself the number of autodrop users you need in your subscription plan, for your groups and advanced management

👤 Custom Must-Follow Users: Decide yourself the number of Must-Follow users you need to insert in your groups!

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