How to deposit Credits

🆘 How to deposit more credits 🆘

Credits are the internal currency of EngageBot.PRO, with a fixed value of €0.20 each.
You can add more credits at any time by following the process explained here:

1️⃣ Open EngageBot.PRO, and click on the credits icon in the top bar (or any credits icon)

2️⃣ You will automatically reach EngageBot.PRO/credits page, where you can select the credits package you want to buy

🎁 Remember that, the more credits you buy, the more gift credits you get!

3️⃣ Select the payment method you want to use for your subscription, between the ones offered by our panel

4️⃣ Complete the payment

✅ Done, you now have a LOT of credits!

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