How to Enable or Disable Automatic Renewal

🆘 How to Enable or Disable automatic renewal 🆘

If you are afraid of forgetting to renew your subscription, EngageBot.PRO comes in help! You can enable the Automatic Subscription Renewal, that every month, 7 days before expiration, will try to purchase the plan automatically for you, using the credits you have in your balance!

1️⃣ Open EngageBot.PRO, open the sidebar, and click on Subscription submenu, then enter the first option (Subscription)

2️⃣ You will automatically reach EngageBot.PRO/subscription page, where you can review credits history and read some details about your subscription

3️⃣ Click Activate or Deactivate to enable / disable the Automatic Subscription Renewal

4️⃣ Remember to deposit some credits! ❗️ The automatic renewal works only if you have enough credits in your balance!

✅ Done, your bot has now the automatic subscription renewal!

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