How to Improve Group Look

🆘 How to Improve the Group Look 🆘

Many groups, like @BoostGramDx30, use the Replace Message Feature.
This feature removes the user message, to replace it with an improved bot message, much fancier and customisable, with buttons, icons, and more.
Enabling this feature is a 1-step procedure, so follow me!

1️⃣ Open EngageBot.PRO, open the sidebar, and select the group you want to Turn On

2️⃣ You will automatically reach EngageBot.PRO/group page, where you can see, as first thing, a 🟢 (Turned On) or 🔴 (Turned Off) icon.

3️⃣ Go on the sidebar, and open the Chat Settings page (EngageBot.PRO/groupsettings)

4️⃣ Open Message Format tab, and check "Replace user message with an improved bot message"

5️⃣ Click SAVE!

✅ Done, your group has now format replacement enabled!

You can then 100% customise any of the messages that are sent in the bot. Simply open Message Format tab again, or Errors and Messages and change them to whatever you like!

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