How to Upgrade / Downgrade subscription

🆘 How to Upgrade / Downgrade your subscription 🆘

You can, at any time, upgrade or downgrade your subscription, adding more requests, follow users, autodrops.. but remember that you will need to pay the difference between the current and the new, and 1 month of the new

So for example:

If you currently spend €14.99
and want a new plan that costs €19.99

You will pay:
€5.00 for the upgrade of the current subscription
€19.99 for 1 month of the new subscription

So total: €24.99

Of course you will receive 1️⃣ extra month of subscription!

1️⃣ Open EngageBot.PRO, open the sidebar, and click on Renew Subscription in the top bar

2️⃣ You will automatically reach EngageBot.PRO/purchase page, where (we already discussed) you can create a custom subscription

3️⃣ Select the new Base Plan for your subscription (deselect "Current" and make a new one)

4️⃣ Configure your new subscription

5️⃣ Click PURCHASE

✅ Done, your bot has now a brand new upgraded subscription!

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