TUTORIAL #10 - How to get HELP from Support

ℹ️ How to get HELP from Support

🔟 Chapter 10. How to get help from support

One of the best features of EngageBot.PRO, according to our customers, is the Support Team.

Our Team is always available to reply to your question and help you getting everyhing to work properly, but it's still a human person so there are some rules:

1️⃣ If you can, open a ticket using EngageBot.PRO/support, do not text us on Telegram. On telegram we have so many messages that we can't follow

2️⃣ Be Polite. Our team is human, and wants to help you. No need to be rude, or unpolite.

3️⃣ Before contacting, read the FAQ!

✅ Great! You are now able to ask any kind of question, in respect of the Administrator!

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