TUTORIAL #11 - How to monetize your pods

How to Monetize 🤑 your PODs

1️⃣1️⃣ Chapter 11. How to earn money from your pods

EngageBot.PRO is not free, it comes at a cost. And also advertising, adding members, costs time and money.
So of course, you need a way to earn back the money you spent, and even more than that, of course.
EngageBot.PRO offers you a way to get free likes, comments, followers.. But what about money?

EngageBot.PRO, once again, comes in your help, offering you various ways and methods to monetize.
Everyone can come up with new ideas and ways to monetize, but here are the most popular ones:

⭐️ PowerLikes, PowerComments and Real Followers: Sell Likes, Comments and Followers
The most popular way to monetize your pods, is selling likes and comments, or even followers to instagram users and influencer, public figures, and more.
Thanks to Whitelist, Autodrop and Follow Users, you can perform any of these possibilities!
Paying users will be able to drop without engaging, or to be Dropped automatically every new photo, or be in the must follow list.
They will get Likes, Comments and Follow from REAL USERS: The ones using your group, remember it, are users that want to grow, so they are real instagram users, not fake bots.

💠 Powered Advertising
You can also earn through advertising, messages, and contests.
Thanks to the many messaging features of EngageBot.PRO, you can send periodic advertising and more, getting paid to share messages, medias, and more!

🌟 Premium Spots
You can sell likes, comments and followers, or directly sell Premium Spots.
For a monthly price (or whatever you'd like), Premium users will be able to drop without needing to engage, getting likes, comments, or even follow, without having to like or comment anyone else!

❕ These are only some of the many ways through which you can earn money from your pods!

✅ Yeah! Now you know how to make money from your pods!

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