TUTORIAL #2 - Getting Started with your Groups

☄️ Getting started with your groups 2️⃣

2️⃣ Chapter 2. Getting Started

This second chatper, coming straight after our initial introduction, is based on the concept of Getting Started.

How do you get started with building a Pod Community?
Well, it's actually pretty simple, but at the same time, really complex: Build an Idea.

Find an idea of group you would like to create, a name for your brand, the best audience and target you want to reach, and start building everything around your idea.

At first, pick a name. And remember: you can always change the name of your groups, but it's important to do it only if strictly necessary. Keeping the same name will build trust in your audience.

Once you have decided a name for your first group, or if you already have a PODs community, continue with our tutorial.

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