Tutorial #3 - How to Create a Telegram Bot

🤖 How to create a Telegram Bot 3️⃣

3️⃣ Chapter 3. Create your Telegram Bot

Creating your Telegram Bot is the first and most important thing we are going to do in this startup tutorial.

ℹ️ If you already created a bot, you can skip to the following section

⚠️ What is a Telegram Bot? I want to create a group!

A Telegram Bot is the "user" that will help you managing the group, 100% automatically.
Take a look at one of the existing engagement groups, for example, @BoostGramDx30.
Do you see the administrator user BoostGram Antileech?
That's their Telegram Bot. It's not a real user, it's an automatic user managed by engagebot.pro

So Decide the name for your bot and let's start with the creation!

ℹ️ Here you can find a screenshot that resumes the following tutorial:

1️⃣ Start @BotFather
BotFather is the official platform that allows you to create Telegram Bots

2️⃣ Send the /newbot command
That command will start the "Bot Creation" process

3️⃣ Send your Bot Name
⚠️ The bot name can be anything you want, for example: "📸 Enagement Checker"

4️⃣ Send your Bot Username
⚠️ The bot username needs to end with bot, for example: EngageProBOT, or EngagePro_BOT, or EngagementCheckerBot, or LucasBot..

5️⃣ DONE, your bot has been created!
On @BotFather you can do many things:
add commands to the list, change profile picture, description, about text... Check the FAQ Questions down here for more details.

After creating your Telegram Bot on @BotFather, you need to connect the bot to your EngageBot.PRO panel

1️⃣ Copy from @BotFather your API token (example: 13812381:ABBadasPPodaiPQWJKS13813LL)

2️⃣ Open EngageBot.PRO/login on Google Chrome or another browser

3️⃣ Insert your bot Token and LOGIN

For this third chapter of the tutorial, this is everything.
You finally got access to EngageBot.PRO website, and can now start customising it.

Use the following 🆘 FAQ 🆘 buttons to get more informations about customisation steps, or go on with the Group Creation section

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