TUTORIAL #4 - How to create a Telegram Group

👥 How to create a Telegram Group

4️⃣ Chapter 4. Create your Telegram Group

Creating a Telegram group is 🆓 and absolutely easy.
Open your Telegram App, click on the "New Chat" button (usually it looks like a pencil, or maybe you have it in your sidebar), and click New Group

You will be forced by Telegram to add someone immediately, so select a random contact, you will just remove it later

After creating your group, open the Group Settings by clicking it's name, go on Privacy and make it public by selecting a username.

Once the username is chosen, the group is now a SuperGroup 🤩

Add your EngageBot.PRO bot to the group as administrator, and run the /start command directly in the group.

The bot will ask you to click an Activate ✅ button, and then it's done: Your new group is connected to your EngageBot.PRO Bot!

Go back on EngageBot.PRO and refresh the page: You will see your new group in your sidebar. Click on it's name, and you will be sent to the Core Group Settings.

In that page you can:

🟢 Turn On or Off 🔴 the group

⚙️ Run automatic configuration

©️ Copy group settings from another group you own

🔝 Choose a custom branded link for your group

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