TUTORIAL #6 - How to purchase a subscription

💶 How to purchase a subscription

6️⃣ Chapter 6. How to purchase a Subscription

Purchasing a subscription is a mandatory step to get your bot and groups up and running.
The subscription price includes maintenance costs (Servers, Proxies, Accounts), standard support tickets replies, and the full usage of EngageBot.PRO

⚠️ IMPORTANT: You can stop at any time. The payment is not processed automatically: You decide when and how much you want to deposit every time, and if you stop paying, nothing happens!

1️⃣ To purchase a subscription, you need Credits.
Credits are the internal currency of EngageBot.PRO, and are used also as Gifts: You will get some extra 🆓 credits for every purchase you make.

Go on EngageBot.PRO/credits and purchase some credits with one of our accepted payment methods

2️⃣ After purchasing some credits, you will be able to activate a subscription.
Go on EngageBot.PRO/purchase, select the subscription, how many months, and you're ready to go!

✅ Great! Your subscription is now active!

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