TUTORIAL #7 - How to Build a Strong Community

💞 How to build a Strong Community

7️⃣ Chapter 7. How to build a Strong Community

Nowadays, thanks to tools like EngageBot.PRO, it's really easy to have a group up and running.
The most important thing, after creating one group, and having increased the members, is to give birth to a COMMUNITY.

A community is not just a group: It's a series of groups, all different, but with the same original concept and name.
Same look, same prefixes, same design and administrators, but maybe different niches, formats.
A Travel Comments one, a Food Likes one, and so on.

The important thing, is keeping the same logo, and name, so people will recognise your brand and community among all the others.

Remember what we said at the beginning of this tutorial: The most important thing, is the IDEA 💡 you have!

✅ Done! Now you have an idea about how to create a community, and some suggestions!

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