TUTORIAL #9 - How to grow Group Members

➕ How to grow group members

9️⃣ Chapter 9. How to grow group members

Growing your group members is one of the 🔥 hottest topics in EngageBot.PRO groups.

We have found several way to help you increase your group members with real active members, interested in your group and work

📸 Instagram
The best overall way to grow group members, is through making posts and stories on instagram, inviting your followers to join your groups.
This way, you will grow a real interested audience, taken directly from your near people, that will invite their friends, and you will see a big growth of members in your group.

⭐️ Influencers
Sponsoring your groups through influencers is also highly reccomended!
It has shown to be one of the best ways to grow your groups fast and fancy, with active members and cool people to share your posts with.
You can post promotions, advertising, or simply a post about growing theirselves: They won't loose this occasion!
You can pay the Influencer, or offer him a free premium membership for some time!

👤 Invite members from other groups
Another way (the fastest, but worst one) is inviting members from other groups near to your niche.
We personally reccomend this way only if you have no other option, because this means inviting (without asking) people to your group, that could get offended and leave, maybe even reporting it.

✅ Great! Your group is now full of people!

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