What are Daily Requests?

🆘 What are Daily Requests? 🆘

Daily requests are the internal limit of the bot: The number of requests your bot can make, every day, to Instagram.

15'000 requests are usually enough for a community of 3-5 good groups, or even 15 groups (but less active).

The number of consumed requests for every drop, depends on the kind of group you have.
How many photos, how many active users, Dx20, Dx50, Dx24h, Comments, Like and Comments, and so on

On EngageBot.PRO/pricing, you will find a handy calculator that will help you to get an idea of how many requests you will consume (available also BEFORE purchase)

⚙️ In technical words:

We pay proxies by requests, so we pay every request we make to instagram through proxies and accounts.
This "Daily Requests" limit reflects exactly what we are paying, so there are no tricks here 🥂

✅ Done, you now have more informations about daily requests!

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